What makes traveling with Tinto unique?


In a word, knowledge. A second word, service. A third, community. What makes a Tinto tour special? We attract the right kinds of people – those that enjoy great food, great wine, great company. You’ll be interested in meeting your fellow travelers.

We only go to places where we have at least as much knowledge as a local. It’s less a tour than it is being guided by friends who know the area. Our goal is to take you to places that even if you did the research, there is a high likelihood you wouldn’t the places we will show you.

Our days follow a rhythm. We don’t wake up at the crack of dawn. You eat a leisurely breakfast on your own. We then spend some time on a cultural activity. Its not about ticking boxes off a list or seeing how many churches you can visit. The goal is to show you one special cultural item per day.

Local food and wine is an integral part of our experience. We try the things that make our places unique and special. We don’t rush thru a meal. We indulge in a good way.

Your Experience

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