What time do you start in the morning?

Breakfast  is generally served from 8am until 10:30am. Our goal is to start each day no earlier than 10am and generally around 10:30am. Once we reach a destination, our goal is to have no day trip be more than a 45 minute drive from our hotel – ideally, no more than 30 minutes. There may be […]


What makes traveling with Tinto unique?

In a word, knowledge. A second word, service. A third, community. What makes a Tinto tour special? We attract the right kinds of people – those that enjoy great food, great wine, great company. You’ll be interested in meeting your fellow travelers.


What if I want to go off on my own?

Our goal is for you to have the trip of a lifetime. To think back on your experience with us as one of your top travel moments.


When is the best time to visit Portugal?

We selected the end of June for our trip to Lisbon and the Alentejo this year. Lisbon is the kind of place where even in the middle of summer, you may need a sweater in the evening.


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